Investment Criteria

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Lower middle-market focus:

  • Deal sizes generally between $15 and $50 million.
  • Equity investments from $5 to $20 million.
  • Capital required to facilitate management buyouts, growth, acquisitions or restructurings.
  • Control investors.
  • Investment horizon generally of four to six years.
  • Willing to consider financial and operating restructurings where a strong core business exists.

Companies with:

  • Core management team that is motivated to stay and invest; able to bridge management transition using Ironbridge resources as required.
  • History of positive earnings and EBITDA of $3 to $8 million per year.
  • Strong competitive position within their industry or niche.
  • Opportunities to grow revenue and improve earnings either organically or through acquisitions.
  • High returns available for incremental capital investment.

Sector focus:

  • Broad sector focus including manufacturing, distribution, consumer products and services, and business products and services. We do not invest in the real estate, natural resources, fashion or technology sectors.

Geographic focus:

  • Canada.