What We Do

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We provide equity capital for management buyouts, expansions, recapitalizations, restructurings and owner / operators who would like to retire and sell their business. We will make equity investments from $5 to $30 million.

Why we are different:

The characteristics that define Ironbridge are:

  • INTEGRITY: We treat people fairly and with respect in all situations. We can be relied upon to live up to our commitments.
  • EXPERIENCE: We have a team of seasoned operating and financial professionals with decades of experience. These professionals have built and managed small and large companies. We ensure that all portfolio companies have access to the full range of the firm’s experience and intellectual resources.
  • VALUE ADDED: We leave the day-to-day operations of the portfolio companies to management but assist them, as appropriate, in building the long-term value of the business. Our focus is on reviewing strategic initiatives, providing expertise to identify and evaluate acquisition opportunities and recruiting and retaining top-tier managers.
  • FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE: We recognize that the same solution cannot be applied to every situation. We try to understand the needs of the vendors or the companies that we are investing in and structure a solution to meet those needs.